Social Impact

Business Benefits of Social Impact

Making social impact part of your core business can be a competitive differentiator and profit driver. Don’t ignore the evolving ecosystem of impact investment, social capital, startups and CSR. Prioritizing social good has real business benefits.

5 Reasons your Startup should think about Social Impact

Get Started Now

Clearly define your social impact goals. Think about how to execute them in ways that will expand or improve your business model. Consider partnering with a relevant nonprofit and encourage employees to pursue skills-based volunteer opportunities.

Two Great Resources for Getting Started with Social Impact

Build a Support System

Any startup – regardless of industry – can make positive contributions to their communities. Many groups provide valuable support to startups committed to embedding social impact into their business models.

Building Your Support System for Social Impact


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  • @ Taproot Foundation connects volunteers with nonprofits to offer services for social impact
  • @ClearlySo raises capital for high-impact business and runs impact investing networks for good
  • @rossbaird is the Executive Director of @VillageCapital
  • @LAUNCH– annual conference dedicated to growing startups, co-founded by angel investor and entrepreneur @jason