Corporate Ventures

Corporate Interest in Impact

As investors increase pressure on companies to improve their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) ratings – see our BlackRock coverage for more information – corporations are likely to seek innovative social impact startups for their supply chains and corporate venture funds.

#Corporate Impact Investors: an Emerging Cohort

Potential Intersection = More Impact

How can forward-thinking corporations use their venture capital investments to create strategic benefits for their businesses and social impact for communities?

Corporate Venture Capital and Social Impact Connections

Corporate Investment in Social Innovation

More companies are using corporate venture capital to promote social impact and drive business results. Learn more about the best practices companies are using for profits and purpose.

Corporate Investing & Social Innovation

How to Connect Social Impact and Corporate Venture Capital

Check out this Practitioner’s Guide that delves into how companies have successfully pursued social impact goals via corporate venture capital or corporate innovation activities in ways that also drive business goals.

Corporate Venture Capital and Social Impact Connections


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