Advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Opportunities for business and social impact through the SDGs

Business & the SDGs

The UN consistently partners with private stakeholders, civil society, and the global business community to achieve sustainability for all. Multiple companies and corporations are creating strategies and partnerships to achieve these Global Goals.

The UN Global Compact for Business & the SDGs

Impact Investing & the SDGs

Many impact investors realize the value of aligning their investments with the SDGs. Doing so provides much-needed resources to achieving this global vision of people, planet and prosperity. It also creates a useful framework to contextualize and communicate impact objectives to various stakeholder groups.

Impact Investing's Role in Achieving the SDGs

Monitoring and data

The role of business and investing in achieving the SDGs will be more complex than abiding to sets of rules. Companies can use data monitoring and set baselines for local and regional goals, meetings needs for sustainability in their communities through the power of data. Keep up to date with the latest in SDG data news.

Resources for SDG monitoring from @SDGCounting

Funding the SDGs, Philanthropy and beyond

Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals will require philanthropic giving, as well as investment and corporate strategy. Philanthropy for the Goals will be more than simply the giving of resources.

The SDG Philanthropy & Funders Platform


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  • About the Goals, the UN, and the 2030 Agenda
  • SDG data, indicators, and meetings related to monitoring and data
  • PwC has published multiple documents and guidelines for implementing the SDGs into your businsess
  • The Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development publishes annual reports covering the SDGs as business opportunity
  • The International Conference on Sustainable Development is an annual meeting dedicated to identifying and sharing ways to support the SDGs from the private sector
  • The UN will host the 1st World Data Forum in January 2017, an event sure to capture the attention of the anyone tracking statistics related to the SDGs

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