Where are the sweet spots for startups and impact investment?


#Startups and Social Impact

Making social impact a part of your startup can open you to new funding opportunities, attract and retain talent, expand markets and mitigate risks. To get started, think about causes to tie to your brand, who and what goes into your product, the range of people you could serve, and of course, follow us @StartingUpGood.


Advancing the #GlobalGoals

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also called the Global Goals, provide a universal language and framework for responsible business. Finding opportunities to innovate around the SDGs – and measuring your contribution towards achieving them – will better position your company for the global future.


Attracting #ImpInv

Building a rich social impact company positions you to attract impact investment as the market expands and more investors seek out companies who are authentically committed to improving the world. Impact investing can take many forms for your social enterprise.


Can corporate venture capital use impact investing best practices to drive profits and purpose? We see the overlap – and potential – of how both can help your startup develop technology and extend markets. We are exploring ways these powerful tools can join forces.